Sattva Daniel

Henniker, NH
United States

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It is Sattva Susan Daniel's passion to inspire healthy living and empower your body to heal, so you can live to your fullest potential!!!

Sattva Susan Daniel, owner of Sea Glass Yoga and Wellness Center, has been practicing various forms of yoga since 1994, when she learned yoga in the Hewlett Packard (previously Apollo) fitness center in Chelmsford, MA, where she was a Systems Engineer. She continued her career in engineering until she broke her collarbone in a skiing accident at Keystone, CO in 2009. It was in Pain Therapy that Susan fell in love with the practice of Svaroopa® yoga and began to teach.

In 2013, focusing on the physical practices and healing modalities that Swamiji has created, as well as offering eduction on herbal remedies learned as a 3rd generation herbalist, Susan Daniel established Sea Glass Yoga and Wellness Center in the beautiful town of Henniker NH.


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