Satyananda M.d.

Bengaluru Karnataka
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Satyananda is Yogaacharya in Babaji's Kriya Yoga Order of Acharyas.
He gives seminars with Initiation into Babaji’s Kriya Yoga in various countries incl. India and Indian community expat countries.
Certified in Psychology and Psychotherapy, he has worked in clinical and corporation settings.
After studying spiritual wisdom of the world since childhood and Vedanta and Yoga for more than a decade in India and the West, he dedicated several years exclusively to intense study and practice of Babaji’s Kriya Yoga, and to serving Babaji's Kriya Yoga and its students worldwide in Karma Yoga. He regularly takes pilgrimages to India’s sacred places and holy masters.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

3 Reviews

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Attend 1 and 2nd level in bangalore..

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Level I and Level II Kriya yoga Initiations

I attended a 'Babaji's Kriya Yoga' level I initiation and Level II Silent retreat in 2013/4 in the UK - both facilitated by Satyanandaji.

I found his style of facilitation, attention to detail and to the letter and the spirit of the teaching to be immensely useful. His humour and ability to place the material and teachings in a context suiting the participants also helped me to get the best experiences on both accounts.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
About Satyananda MD

Although I have been practicing many different forms of yoga since 1995, I completed my initiation into Babaji’s Kriya Yoga in 2011 with Yogacharya Satyananda.


We could not asked for a better guide than Satyananda. His diligent, precise and patient teaching is whole and complete, the way he blends knowledge of ancient Indian traditions, other belief systems and modern Western metaphysical science, makes you realize that the Kriya Yoga path really is a Universal practice, not limited to a religion, a sect, or a fashionable fad.
With a fresh, vivid clarity and simplicity, the holistic manner in which he integrates the What, How and Why removes doubts, and answers even unasked questions.As well as knowledge, he generously gives his compassion and wisdom. His sincere, humble and modest attitude, makes Kriya Yoga appealing, accessible and applicable to all; his innocent humor makes the journey lighter. And because of that lightness, it makes it possible for us to go deeper still. He provides an authentic space for powerful inner experience – if we allow it. Yet he is detached from the outcome - often saying “Don’t believe me, find it yourself to be true, experience it yourself.”
Satyananda is a practical example and inspiration of how our spiritual light works through all of us. His modesty illustrates he is aware that he serves as a channel and messenger for the highest teaching .His presence, attitude and message are reflected in these quotes he frequently uses, “Whatever contains fear cannot ever be Truth”, and “Nothing real can be threatened – Nothing unreal exists”.
Below are just some comments from other of Satyananda’s students:
- “It was wonderful....elevating, enlightening, comforting, inspiring and immediately actionable ....all rolled into one ....not many things like that on this planet.”
- “Satyananda is really excellent and truly inspirational. I hoped to learn an integrated system of meditation, physical movements ,pranayama etc. The course provided all of this but ,in addition, I've come away with a much deeper understanding of Kriya Yoga and myself. I keep running through in my mind some of the ideas the Acharya explained - a lot of things in life seem to make more sense now. It's quite hard to explain in words. Several times during the weekend I had that 'deja-vu' sensation.“
- "With all the chatter around concepts like 'resilience', 'mindfulness' and 'mental toughness', this two and a half day 'initiation' cut through the noise and I arrived at a whole heap of stuff that I could take back and use immediately. I now find I have more space. I feel calm, despite what is going on around me."
- "Satyananda is a highly informed and gifted teacher, with his ability to merge in an effective and precise way, my earlier disparate yoga practices into a unified whole. He is highly adept at introducing powerful techniques and practices in a way that is both accessible and attainable to non-adepts without diluting the essence of the Kriya Yoga practices."