Scarlett Payne

United Kingdom

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Welcome to my Yoga Trail page.

I teach a flowing style of yoga called Vinyasa where we explore poses and work with your body on that particular day. Whether you want to find challenge from your practice or meditation and peace, there are different variations in every pose that makes the class suited for YOU!

Absolutely everyone is welcome to come to our classes, even if you have never tried yoga before. I believe that a regular practice can increase your health and well-being so hope that eventually everyone has tried yoga enough so that they can find the right class for them.

I am one of 3 teachers who make up 'Hay Yoga' and we wish to bring great quality Vinyasa Yoga into the countryside where it's harder for people to access classes that are usually only put on in towns and cities. So we hope you check out our Facebook page hayyogaclasses and join us in a class near you soon :)


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