Scott Anderson

Blue Mounds, WI
United States
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With a background in physics and biomechanics, Scott deeply explores anatomy and how the body's systems work together. He has a grounded, creative and fun teaching presence. Scott studied with Hatha Yoga masters including Dona Holleman and Ramamand Patel, and spent six years studying intensively with Roger Eischens. Through the teachings of Eischens and Holleman, Scott came to recognize the human body as a microcosm of the greater natural world.

Since meeting the Bhakti Yoga master Morari Bapu, Scott has focused on exploring the spiritual component of yoga and how the physical practice gives access to deeper layers of understanding. He has further expanded his extensive understanding of the many aspects of Yoga during his frequent travels throughout India. As a result, Scott founded a new practice called Alignment Yoga. This unique approach takes the philosophies and principles of the ancient yogic teachings and modifies them to be appropriate and understandable for the Western mind and body.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Gratitude for Scott Anderson & Alignment Yoga

I came to yoga disabled and very negatively minded. I was caught in a story about being unable to do anything physically, and left my first handful of classes crying because I was told to do things that were not optimal for my unique body.

Thank goodness I was forced to try it again when an Alignment Yoga instructor taught a one-hour session to my college class, and I was changed for life.


I felt such a remarkable improvement in my body, after just one hour, that I was instantly hooked. I followed this teacher (Andrea Russel - another remarkable instructor) and found the creator/developer of Alignment Yoga - Scott Anderson.

Taking classes with Scott was one of the first times in my life I felt "known" and "understood". His knowledge and experience give him a special eye for being present to what people are dealing with physically, and emotionally. His classes are holistic and comprehensive. He has a way of giving students an "aha!" moment in each session, always having more insights, more stories, more experiences to share to help the students receive the intention of the class.

Thanks to Scott's commitment to making his program accessible to those struggling financially, and to his giant compassion for those who are suffering, I was able to pursue the 200 Hour Advanced Studies program, and now have the opportunity to share this healing science to others. Scott gently guided me through a long process of self-study and refinement, and gave me the knowledge and tools to heal myself and get a second chance at life. I'm so honored and blessed to have him for a teacher.