Scott Freiberg -- Yoga Without Walls

Camden and Sumter, SC
United States

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The Sanskrit word “yoga” means union. This union is the aligning of the body, mind and spirit. Much like the practice of asana (postures) aligns our body, they also bring the breath and the mind into alignment as well. Add the meditative qualities of being in open spaces within nature and you have found “Yoga Without Walls.”

Co-founders Scott “Ganesha” and Heather “Jayani” Freiberg believe that yoga should be accessible to everyone regardless of age, body type, physical ability or financial constraints. “Yoga Without Walls.”
is offered at various locations throughout Kershaw, Richland and Sumter County, South Carolina.

Yoga Without Walls is available in public spaces to anyone who wishes to reconnect with themselves through this ancient practice. It is completely accessible physically and financially for everyone.

In these challenging times, it is more important than ever to find peace in our daily lives. Yoga, meditation and breath work brings us back to ourselves. It allows us to re-member and re-cognize that we are all connected and we are so much greater than we realize. It allows us to move the energy and open up the channels within us so we find the greater strength and peace within us to confront the challenging times in our lives.

As yoga practitioners we aspire to a way of living that is in alignment with Nature. We believe that we are all One, connected through our peace and our truth and that our yoga practice should extend beyond the mat.

As yoga teachers, we offer a practice that combines asana (postures), pranayama (breath), meditation and mindfulness practices for every human spirit.

Recognizing that yoga is not limiting but rather, expanding, we seek to empower our students and invite them to take the tranquility they find in their practice “off the mat” and bring it into their lives, our community, and our world.

Through our practice we achieve balance and peace in our daily lives.

Walls, both those that are real and those that are perceived are dissolved.


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