Scott McDonald

United Kingdom

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Scott attended his first yoga class at Chi and Co in June 2011 and under the guidance of Karen Naismith hasn’t looked back since. He graduated in 2015 at the Seasonal Yoga Academy under the teachings of Julie Hanson, Sue Woodd and Rory Trollen. This 12 month course helped him deepen his practice and gain a real appreciation of Seasonal Yoga.

He is currently continuing to expand his knowledge of Seasonal Yoga and further develops his physical practice through regularly attending led Ashtanga and Mysore style classes. Scott enjoys the variety, flexibility and strength that comes with Seasonal Yoga and benefits from the discipline that Ashtanga brings. He also attends workshops for his personal enjoyment and has practiced with likes of David Keil and David Sye.

Scott is passionate about making his classes as welcoming as he can for any newcomers and long-time yogis. He firmly believes that yoga is for everyone and will adapt the practice to cater specifically to your capability and needs.


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