Sean Tebor

Santa Fe, NM
United States

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Sean inspires intuitive, primal movement through the progressive application of yoga as a path for integration and embodiment. His teaching is supported by years of exploration into the science and art of core-oriented expression and structural integrity, in a practice that invokes a personal relationship with Source. His passion is for the awakening of the core, and for recognizing that physical and energetic relationships exist to point the way towards union within the sacred midline. Sean is a companion, holding a deep space within which practitioners may appreciate a most body-appropriate, dynamic, and healing way into their essential nature.

Sean's deep practice over the past 13 years began after a 17 year journey into the martial arts, where he first discovered his passion for conscious movement and integration. Sean can be found holding classes, dancing, and playing with his partner Munay and the community at their Santa Fe, New Mexico based studio Dragon Rising.


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