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My journey with yoga as a practice in this illusory world started in 1997. I have been "doing yoga" since then. However, of all arts that have a deeper dimension, I love Thai massage the most -- I am fulfilled by giving Thai massage treatments, sharing a bit of myself in lessons and workshops, and continuously discovering more and more from genuine Thai massage teachers.

In addition to inducing profound relaxation, Thai massage treatments will help you with various conditions caused by a hectic way of life, worry, anxiety, stress, physical strain on the body, hormone imbalance and many orthopedic issues.

I do not believe in the superiority of any style of Thai massage over another. I have learned from and practised hands-on with a number of teachers in Thailand and Japan, and it doesn't seem possible to see any end to it. It is a lifetime learning process.
Any certifications of completed levels, modules, etc. only serve as formal reference to satisfy the requirements and curiosity of Western-oriented minds or institutions aiming to regulate Thai massage practice and education, which is unfortunately often accompanied by attempts to limit this powerful healing art to a mechanical massage-like modality. As far as my formal education goes, I am certified in Thai massage by Sunshine Network Thailand and Traditional Thai Massage Association Japan, was an instructor at TTMA, and remain an active member and authorized TTMA therapist.

In my nuad thai practice, I integrate elements of broadly understood "Bangkok" and "Chiang Mai" styles, "double yoga" aka "wyoga" enhanced by Soichiro Watanabe (my main teacher in Japan with whom I practised very closely and without interruption for 1.5 years), elements of TCM, as well as "tips and tricks" or "personal styles" received mostly from native Thai practitioners in Thailand and Japan.

We need to spend our time in this dream within a dream in some practical way, and so I choose to share and explore the wonderful art of Thai massage which is so much more than “massage”, “relaxation”, “therapy” or a set of “release” techniques.


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