Selina Clément


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“Its only with the heart
that one can see rightly.”
"The little Prince", by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I am a lover and explorer of life and nature; always looking for a deep connection to my heart that guides me through this journey called life.
I believe we all have the power to manifest our heart`s deepest dreams and it is my passion to activate that deep receptive and inspired connection in other people.

Seeing the body as a temple, instrument and compass for guidance and connection to the self; I am passionate about moving and exploring the body in different ways to activate a deeper connection and communication between conscious and subconscious. Through yoga, dance and energy practices such as Reiki and Inner Dance I have been inspired to continue to explore and open up to the magic of this life.

As an Interior Architect and exhibition Designer I gave people an experience in a home or space. Now as a yoga teacher and dance facilitator and Reiki Master I’m honoured to give people an experience in their first home, their inner space, their own body.
In my Yoga classes I love weaving themes or storytelling into the flow and to emphasise a proper alignment for a healthier expansion of the body.
My yoga classes are calm yet energising inviting people to find the balance between strength and mobility, stability and freedom and activation and relaxation by using pranayama, meditation and asana sequencing.
I aim to always encourage people to stay connected with their inner world, their breath and heart as well as moving their body in the most loving and supporting way.

Seeing myself as a student and explorer of yoga and life, I continue to seek out expanding and inspiring courses and trainings to nurture my own practice and soul. So that I feel abundant and nourished, ready to be in service and give my full attention and love to who ever crosses my path. My wish is to encourage practitioners to listen deeply inwards as they let their movements follow the breath, connecting the inner self, body and heart.

Drop into the moment, out of your head and into the heart.


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