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Sequoia's life journey has been an ongoing evolvement of her spiritual development through the study and ongoing practice of yoga and healing.
In her teenage years, Sequoia began to study esoteric knowledge secretly, by joining a regular study group on the topics of chakras, meditation and crystal healing.
Her interest in the healing arts branched out as she began the practice of Tai chi for four years, before making her first of many visits to India.

When in India Sequoia realized she needed help from addictions. She enrolled into a strict yoga ashram. After six wks of practicing yoga asanas, mantra and pranayama twice a day, she transformed and healed from her addictions. It was the beginning of her love affair with the practice and teachings of yoga.

Sequoia's yoga path started in the lineage of Iyengar yoga. She expanded her study of Yoga in the tradition of Hatha and Ashtanga from various teachers in India.
The love of vibrational healing was also a calling Sequoia had to follow, and studied mantras with Mata Gi, one of the main singers, at Pramath nikatan in Rishikesh, India. Her love for healing sounds, Mantra and Nada yoga began in 2001.

In 2006, she completed a three-month intensive and received her 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training certificate from Pyramid Yoga in Thailand.
In 2008, she also wanted to learn more about the yogic breathing also known as pranayama, so she completed a one-month pranayama teachers training course with P. Tiwari at Kavaladhama yogic institute in India. The love for pranayama began.

Sequoia studied many different healing modalities, which allowed her to run a successful healing centre for eight years in Canada. She then got sick and healed herself naturally of chrons disease through the modalities she had been studying in previous years and applied them for her healing.

Regardless of what Sequoia is teaching her intention is always the same, to inspire, encourage others to listen to their inner wisdom, as the power is within.

For seven years Sequoia was a main teacher with Tribe yoga, offering international teacher trainings in India and Thailand.
Sequoia’s "attitude is of gratitude" for all she has experienced and yet to discover about her spirit, the teachings, dissolving the ego and awakening the consciousness of self-realization.

Her other passions include singing, ceremonies, climbing mountains, spending time alone in nature and playing music.

Sequoia now lives and teaches international, yoga, sound healing, and breathing retreats. She shares her time between Bali, India and Canada.

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Sequoia is an excellent, experienced teacher

As I approach the one year anniversary of when I completed my yoga teacher training with Feeling Soul Good, I am thinking a lot about all of the ways it has positively impacted my life both daily and also on a very deep level.


Feeling Soul Good provided me with a well-rounded understanding of yogic principles, and how we can apply these in our daily lives. Prior to completing this training, I was looking for a “quick fix” to happiness. I thought to myself if I could just do “x, y, and z,” then I can be happy and coast through the rest of my life in blissful unawareness. But that’s not how life works. “Sthira-sukham asanam,” roughly translated as finding the balance of “effortless effort in our postures,” is one of the yoga sutras by Patanjali that our teacher, Stephan, often quoted in training. Life is a balance: a balance of discipline and letting go, a balance of day and night, of darkness and light, of feminine and masculine. Yoga means “union,” and teaches us to bring balance into all areas of our lives, through the practices of the asanas (yoga postures) but also through the other yogic principles.

Yoga has transformed my relationship with myself, with my friends and family, and with nature. I have learned to integrate myself more in my physical environment, to connect with nature in order to connect to my true self. My relationship with food has transformed, and I am now able to eat more with mindfulness and appreciation of food, rather than being disconnected from the substance that provides me with life and energy. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is this: yoga has transformed my life for the better in every way. Even if you are not planning on teaching yoga yourself, Feeling Soul Good will provide you with the tools you need to live a happier, more fulfilling life.
Sequoia spent most of her adult life studying yoga in India, and truly lives what she teaches. She is passionate and very knowledgeable, and passes her teachings on in ways that are easy to digest. The teachers that Sequoia had co-teaching with us at our training in Bali were equally knowledgeable and passionate, and the three teachers’ styles and backgrounds complemented and balanced each other out very well.

I would absolutely train with Feeling Soul Good again, and I would highly recommend this teacher training for anyone who is looking to connect deeper with him- or herself and with the world around us.

-Cindy, student of Feeling Soul Good teacher training, Bali, Indonesia 2016