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Venta micena Granada
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~ Yoga instructor/Yoga Studio owner          ~Thai Massage therapist      ~Pranayama & Mantra instructor     ~Artist
~ Sacred Sound & Soul healing meditation (individual & group session).

FOCUS INWARD: Serge was called by yoga 20 years ago. Yoga opened the door to another world for him, an inside world. With this 
inward focus came all of his questions…and many answers. It was going through the yoga practice of stimulation & purification that his body slowly became more liberated. His body began to speak another language that had been previously foreign to him. A quiet voice of wisdom began to surface. He now shares and expresses this wisdom through his teachings and in his everyday life. He strongly believes in Gandhi's words, “We must be the change we most want to see.”

BALANCE: A powerful influence in Serge's life is Mother Earth. He is greatly inspired by nature and the power and fragility of Mother Earth. We see evidence of this in his yoga practice. He shares that “Ones practice is not always smooth, not always easy, not always predictable. Knowing this helps students practice at their own level because it's all about balance. We practice forms of yin yoga and forms of yang yoga. We explore Spirit as it flows powerfully through our body in an Yoga practice and gently through our body in a mantra practice. Through steady poses we reach maximum intensity that can draw us inward and inform us greatly. With more restorative poses we relax into our Selves and allow for an integration of the wisdom gained in our practice. Outward yang expression balanced with inward yin integration. A beautiful and necessary balance.”

PRACTICE: It was Serge's teacher in India, Masterji, who helped him to widen the doorway to this vast inner & outer world of yoga. After extensive study with Masterji he went on to study with many accomplished yoga teachers (Mateo Madani, Rocio Judith Macharro, Jonathan Austman, Daniel Pineault, Iris Disse etc.
Although he studied and practiced with many gifted teachers, it was the ones who practiced from their heart that inspired and continue to inspire him in his practice. This is apparent when witnessing Serge with his own yoga students. It is his generous heart energy that people are drawn to. He believes yoga helps us tap into the infinite and ever-present Source of Love. This fundamental belief is the focus of his own dedicated practice and is the foundation of his teaching as he skillfully guides us to awaken to that deeper knowing for ourselves. And so in yoga, and in all that we do, he stresses the importance of going inward to allow that great joy to be expressed outwardly as well. Yes, he believes that the path to liberation is through practice, practice, practice, but he also believes in Oscar Wilde's words, “Life is too important to be taken seriously.” Serge adds “We can take a million courses and endure 1000 hours of practice but unless we open ourselves to the deeper flows of Spirit it isn't true yoga. For this, you must live it…on and off the sticky mat. So enjoy your practice. Enjoy your life… just as it is. Full acceptance. And liberation will eventually come. Slowly. Slowly.”

THE INVITATION: So, Serge invites you to journey with him in this unique exploration of yoga which honors and celebrates us finding our own unique balance in yoga and in life, and helps us to go inward to truly know wisdom of our hearts. His own heart-centred guidance he will help us to awaken to the deeper truths of this ancient yogic tradition which often lie dormant within ourselves… awaiting our return Home.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

60 Reviews

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