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~ Yoga instructor/Yoga Studio owner          ~Thai Massage therapist      ~Pranayama & Mantra instructor     ~Artist
~ Sacred Sound & Soul healing meditation (individual & group session).

FOCUS INWARD: Serge was called by yoga 20 years ago. Yoga opened the door to another world for him, an inside world. With this 
inward focus came all of his questions…and many answers. It was going through the yoga practice of stimulation & purification that his body slowly became more liberated. His body began to speak another language that had been previously foreign to him. A quiet voice of wisdom began to surface. He now shares and expresses this wisdom through his teachings and in his everyday life. He strongly believes in Gandhi's words, “We must be the change we most want to see.”

BALANCE: A powerful influence in Serge's life is Mother Earth. He is greatly inspired by nature and the power and fragility of Mother Earth. We see evidence of this in his yoga practice. He shares that “Ones practice is not always smooth, not always easy, not always predictable. Knowing this helps students practice at their own level because it's all about balance. We practice forms of yin yoga and forms of yang yoga. We explore Spirit as it flows powerfully through our body in an Yoga practice and gently through our body in a mantra practice. Through steady poses we reach maximum intensity that can draw us inward and inform us greatly. With more restorative poses we relax into our Selves and allow for an integration of the wisdom gained in our practice. Outward yang expression balanced with inward yin integration. A beautiful and necessary balance.”

PRACTICE: It was Serge's teacher in India, Masterji, who helped him to widen the doorway to this vast inner & outer world of yoga. After extensive study with Masterji he went on to study with many accomplished yoga teachers (Mateo Madani, Rocio Judith Macharro, Jonathan Austman, Daniel Pineault, Iris Disse etc.
Although he studied and practiced with many gifted teachers, it was the ones who practiced from their heart that inspired and continue to inspire him in his practice. This is apparent when witnessing Serge with his own yoga students. It is his generous heart energy that people are drawn to. He believes yoga helps us tap into the infinite and ever-present Source of Love. This fundamental belief is the focus of his own dedicated practice and is the foundation of his teaching as he skillfully guides us to awaken to that deeper knowing for ourselves. And so in yoga, and in all that we do, he stresses the importance of going inward to allow that great joy to be expressed outwardly as well. Yes, he believes that the path to liberation is through practice, practice, practice, but he also believes in Oscar Wilde's words, “Life is too important to be taken seriously.” Serge adds “We can take a million courses and endure 1000 hours of practice but unless we open ourselves to the deeper flows of Spirit it isn't true yoga. For this, you must live it…on and off the sticky mat. So enjoy your practice. Enjoy your life… just as it is. Full acceptance. And liberation will eventually come. Slowly. Slowly.”

THE INVITATION: So, Serge invites you to journey with him in this unique exploration of yoga which honors and celebrates us finding our own unique balance in yoga and in life, and helps us to go inward to truly know wisdom of our hearts. His own heart-centred guidance he will help us to awaken to the deeper truths of this ancient yogic tradition which often lie dormant within ourselves… awaiting our return Home.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

60 Reviews

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Serge is a great yoga teacher and a great personality.The combination of his holistic knowledge and the love for humanity has unique results during his teaching.
Thank you teacher keep on shining ?

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I really like this teacher !!!
he really know what he is doing, from me it was the perfect balance in yoga class it was challenging but at the same I did have a lot fun! I never lost the ability to smile in a pose it was one of the highlights this amazing yoga retread call HABIARTE! in natural reserve place call el bajo. Where he did not only teach us yoga but also did singing bowls meditation and dance class! It was a excellent place to listen to my heart and have fun and Smile :D!

Serge hj SalvadorJuly 29, 2015
with love

thank you very much Maria to take time to write a review and a good one. i hope you are doing great.sending you peace...serge

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Excellent professeur et son approche est à découvrir !

J’ai pris des cours d’Ashtanga Yoga avec Serge et j’ai adoré son approche. Serge s’investi énormément dans les disciplines qui lui tiennent à cœur. Il détient de grandes habiletés humaines et spirituelles qui font en sorte qu’il est à l’écoute et disponible tout en nous encourageant à relever certains défis qu’il nous présente. De plus son côté créatif et explorateur fait en sorte qu’il aime également partager de nouvelles notions et apprentissages. Définitivement, un Artisto Frenchi Yogi à découvrir.

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Simply the Best

Serge gives a complete understanding of why it is important to have a yoga practice. His teachings are a blend of the spiritual connection of your practice (the why) with the physical “do no harm” movements that allow one to become a lifetime practitioner of this discipline.

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Focus on Mind, Body, and Spirit!

Serge teaches yoga with a passion to encompass the whole human being.
A gentle spiritual growth takes place on the mat. Like a blossoming lotus flower.
I always remember the word, "ahimsa":
Ahimsa means non-harming or non-violence in Sanskrit. Being gentle to thy self, as we strengthen our mind, body and spirit.

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Super guy!!!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Serge is the best

Serge is a genuine yoga teacher who is committed to helping students experience their potential through yoga asana practice. He is thorough, engaging, and knowledgeable. I appreciated his knowledge and experience in my classes with him and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

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Wonderful yoga instructor

Winnipeg finest - kind, gentle and spiritual - I always felt calm and well guided in his presence.....

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The Best Introduction to Yoga

I was fortunate to have my first ever yoga class with Serge as my teacher. He explained and demonstrated poses very thoroughly and demonstrated modified poses for those not quite flexible enough for the regular poses. He encouraged the class to push beyond our self-imposed limitations. Serge also incorporated spiritual lessons into the schedule. It has been years since I took the class, and I still remember the lessons and poses. Serge is a fantastic, experienced, deeply spiritual and genuinely caring teacher.

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Good Teacher

He is very experienced and really good. The Best teacher ever

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Great Place to Learn Yoga

Serge is very hospitable and genuine
He enjoys sharing his knowledge

Average: 4.0 of 5 stars
Great experience

It's been a while since my last visit but I miss it a lot. I felt at ease in the class even though I was surrounded by experienced students.

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Serge was an excellent and passionate yoga instructor

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Relaxing presence in a room.

During Serge's teaching I always felt a relaxed yet controlled energy presence. This seemed to be shared with all present making the practice and learning sessions more complete then when I worked alone through the poses.

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The best yoga instructor I have had.

Serge is absolutely the best yoga instructor I have had the pleasure of learning from. I truly enjoy his style of teaching and his friendly manner. He is generous with his time and instruction and is genuinely interested in helping you in your yoga practice. I miss having the opportunity to take Serge's classes since he has left Winnipeg, but am hopeful that I will one day visit him in Nicaragua.

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An amazing teacher

I did yoga with Serge when I was going through some personal issues, and the time I spent in his class were much needed respites from everything else. His nature is calming and nurturing, and I always felt recharged after my classes. I would recommend Serge as a teacher and inspiration to anyone.

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Yoga with Serge

Serge is a teacher that has real knowledge of Yoga, a body but also a mind and spiritual practice.
He loves to share his experiences for us to see what our own path is.

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Balanced Approach to Yoga

Serge was my yoga teacher for over 2 years. His gentle guidance, encouragement and spiritual practice has inspired me to continue on my life path in a new way, uncovering a beautiful life full to the brim. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Enjoy the journey Serge, and I hope to visit Nicaragua again someday.

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Bijou / Gem

I studied yoga with Serge approximately over a four year period learning, growing, stretching, strengthening and releasing on all levels.... enjoying it all. Serge est un BIJOU.... a rare gem! Sensitve and firm, he will even initiate you to a new pose as a birthday gift - I got to learn to do a forearm (head) stand!
Although I have not seem him in over a year, I hope that as he teaches others, he is still nourishing his soul and the twinkle in his eyes that his Spirit may inspire deeper joy and peace.

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Serge is an amazing teacher! So full of light and love. The facility is amazing and we will definitely return!

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Professional Program

Serge Salvadors' program has been registered with CANADIAN YOGA ALLIANCE .
We found his program to far surpass basic standards and recommend to anyone that is seeking teaching in the True Nature of Yoga.

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Serge - Review

Serge is an amazing instructor. He's extremely knowledgeable, has an outgoing personality and conveys his knowledge to his students in a very efficient manner. He walks around throughout the session correcting poses among the students. He makes the class fun but works us hard. Each class runs smoothly, going from one pose to another. Serge always challenges those that are ready for it but doesn't push anyone who isn't physically ready .

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Sspiritually Grounded

Serge is one of those rare individuals that carries with him an aura of spirituality and groundedness.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
simply the best

Serge Salvador is a wonderfully spiritual gentle and patient yoga teacher who brings with him many years of experience in the complete yoga discipline. He is always happy to see his students and smiling any time you see him.
Bob Church