Seth Wilpan

Lowell, MA
United States

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Seth remembers doing a shoulder stand on the shores of Lake Oglala in Nebraska during a break in a drive across the country in 1970. He also had a spiritual epiphany on that trip, when they crested a hill and some majestic western mountains rose out of the distance. He started practicing yoga regularly again about 6 years ago, motivated by the desire to get back into shape for rock-climbing. Teaching writing at a prison taught him that he enjoys teaching, and he was inspired to teach yoga. He trained at Prana Power Yoga in Cambridge, drawn by the skill, dedication and consciousness of their teachers and an appreciation to their openess to the differences in each body and to finding the expression of each posture in each person. He teaches Vinyasa, which he appreciates for its eclectic, non-dogmatic quality. It’s also a kick-ass workout. Seth is a Reiki practitioner and he and his wife, who met when he attended her Bikram yoga class, are interfaith ministers, performing ceremonies and rituals and offering workshops on living spiritually in this post-religious age.


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