Shéila Bessette

Waterville, QC

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Shéila is a self-inspired, self-taught student of life. Her yogic wisdom is the result of the many experiences life handed to her through Grace. Life has sent many people & adepts that provided her with the guidance she now shares through living & teaching yoga today.

Her teaching style, following the basics of Hatha Yoga & alignment principles of Anusara, is playful while promoting self-expression through creativity & authenticity. Moreover, Shéila enjoys tuning into her student’s needs & improvising the details of what she will provide in class. At this time, you can be surprised with yoga dance, partner yoga or restorative with massage techniques.

When asked by a fellow yoga adept, “How has yoga been purposeful to you personally and/or as a teacher?” Sheila responds, “I discovered yoga in my mid 20’s after I decided that weight training was not working for me. The physical challenge was worthy, considering I was already buffed up in muscles not quite natural for a woman! In this new found practice, I discovered that my general sense of calm was far superior than I had ever experienced & decided to continue a regular practice of postural & meditative yoga. Throughout the years of practice, I came to realize that yoga was not only a class I attended, it was becoming a way of life. A way of life in which I was flourishing in self-discovery & a broader understanding of a truthful life. It wasn’t long before I felt compelled to teach. In teaching yoga, I was deeply inspired by the vulnerability of my students, and their willingness to share their personal journey within the supported space I provided. In this, the lessons of trust & love were now mine to grasp So, to answer your question… how was yoga been purposeful for me… well, it taught me that there is beauty in this world, I Am beauty & so are You. Let’s live Life in Love, as Yoga teaches Us and co-create all together a community of well-being.”