Shakti Mhi

Tel Aviv

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Shakti and Pepe are blissfully married to each other and together they are also married to their Path and to Teaching. To this end they run and manage Prana Yoga College and have manifested a beautiful sanctuary in Vancouver called “The Center for Blissful Living,” a home for the College students and teachers.

During her 3 decades of teaching yoga and managing yoga centers in different countries, shakti mhi has been dividing her time between teaching yoga classes and training teachers. Eventually, shakti decided to completely devote her time to training teachers so the spread of the spiritual path of yoga would continue and wouldn’t disappear amidst the trends of western yoga.

Shakti Mhi founded Prana Yoga College as an international yoga college that conducts teacher training all over the world.

Prana Yoga College is based out of Tel Aviv, Israel, and attracts students from around the world. Teacher training courses are also offered in Bali, Vancouver and Europe. Much of the appeal of shakti’s teaching comes from the unique style she has developed over the years. It is simply known as Prana style. With a strong focus on safety, proper alignment, breath control and the intuitive flow of the asanas, shakti teaches the students how to create and retain prana (the life-force) while stilling the mind into a meditative enjoyment of the present moment. In her teaching shakti combines the science of yoga with modern science, supporting what the yogis experienced long ago.

In between courses, shakti devotes her time to supporting many of her graduates and other yogis who meet obstacles on their own spiritual paths. She has created an online forum designed for this purpose — helping to dispel doubts, confusions, and to provide inspiration for yogis all over the world. shakti’s books, articles, and online posts are created to help people become the powerful, free people they wish to become. shakti’s students have direct access to her whenever they need, maintaining the traditional connection between teacher and student, even after the formal training period is over.

From living in a Yoga ashram in India, to spending a year in contemplation in a middle-eastern desert, as well as taking advanced training at Yoga centres from a number of Hatha-based traditions, shakti’s knowledge base is extraordinary. shakti passes on this knowledge through the ancient medium of direct teacher-student connection, as well as through the new mediums of online forums and published literature.

Shakti was honoured with an Honorary Life Membership in the World Yoga Council