Shalimar Summers

Twin Falls, ID
United States

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Yoga for me began the moment I stepped into my first yoga class. In the beginning I wanted to see what it was like, when I left I wanted to be flexible and do crow. Big dreams that started it all. I continued going to class whenever I could for the next few years. I knew from my first class that I would always practice yoga. It wasn't until last year on a trip to Belize that I realized I wanted to become a yoga instructor. I had grown and wanted to understand all aspects of yoga. I then began my 200 HR training under Denise Druce with Yoga Assets. I had no idea the amount of knowledge and personal growth I would gain. Through my own experience, practice and education I believe yoga can be for everyone. Whether you are looking to gain flexibility, maintain a fitness routine or challenge yourself physically and mentally Yoga is a great addition to ones life.


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