Shamika Wells

Irvine, CA
United States

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Shamika Wells is a certified international yoga instructor and fashion maven. She has traveled to Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Morocco and Guatemala guiding yoga and meditation retreats. 

Stay fabulous from the inside out with the latest fashion memo, yoga lifestyle, meditation techniques, travel tips + safety.

'For incredible women to get inspired; from the essential trends you need to have on your radar to NAMA-SLAY the day, to how-to take your yoga off the mat, skincare, beauty tutorials, celeb style, music and everything in between.' you can check out my online boutique Shop at Treasurez. 

I am a California girl at heart and love all elements of nature. I have experienced an abundance of inner peace and serenity through my own personal yoga and meditation practice. My dharma is "Sharing the peace, one posture at a time" by expressing beauty and grace on and off my yoga mat and supporting others on their own personal journey.


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