Shamron Johnson

Cypress, TX
United States
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Yoga Instructor Gypsy! Earth/Nature lover!

Everything we desire to understand can be found through the observation of nature. Early on in my tween's I began studying Meditation, the Chakra systems and Theology which inevitably lead me to yoga. I've been practicing yoga for nearly 20 years. Finally in 2010, tired of doing a work that no longer feed my soul I decided to take a yoga teacher training with Lex Gillan of Institute yoga. Deep gratitude for the many many teachers that have inspired me through the years, including but not limited to, Ana Forest, Kristina Keller, Sara Turk, Baron Baptiste, Cat Mccarthy, KK Ledford, Robert Boustany, Ricky Tran…I've been blessed enough to learn from them personally through workshops, seminars and teacher trainings. My mentors have been many rather than just one, but the biggest mentor has been self study, application and other people, and LIFE! My classes are infused with inspirations from nature, a connection to spirit, a funky fun and vibrant exploration of your unique body and mental requirements which change daily. I completed Baron Baptiste Training level 1 in June 2014, completed my 300RYT with Cat Mccarthy in 2015. Completed Reiki level 2 in 2016. Daily practice of meditation and spiritual devotion is very important, even if it's just a simple walk in nature. My motto is Less is MORE among many others. I'm a Star Wars nerd, rock collector, dark chocolate lover and animal enthusiast.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

13 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
My refuge....

Shamron is a wonderful teacher and friend. As a fellow teacher, I love being able to come into her class and get out of" teacher mode" and get deep into my practice as a student. She has wonderful flows, as well as spirit and connects with her students on many levels. I would recommend her to anyone who is thinking about trying yoga or anyone who has a seasoned practice. She is one of my favorites in the Houston area.

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Thoughtful, Caring, Great Mentor!

Shamron is not just a teacher, but a mentor and caring teacher. She takes the time to get to know her students, shares personal insights and is GENUIENLY interested in your life! She is a ONE-OF-A-KIND. I wish that I could spend more time with her, she is so uplifting and authentic, it is wonderfully refreshing.

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Love shamron!

I am a 51 year old mom who has been doing yoga for 2.5 years. I have found that shamron is very centered and individuals following their own body awareness and never pushes all participants to do or try a pose. She is not about ego, but rather centered on the mind, body, and spirit. She explains, in much detail, the orientation of a pose and carefully warns when a particular pose may be for a certain body or strength type. She encourages and offers her insight in a fun and educational way. I have come to love my practice in large due to teachers like shamron.

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My number one yogi !!

Of all the yoga experiences I have had with different instructors, Shamron is my go-to girl!! She is a true yoga guide and a wonderful woman

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I believe I always have noble yoga experiences with Shamron. She is spiritual, explains postures well with why's and how...truly witty personality. One experience that stuck with me personally was last year at the Yoga Retreat. Shamron lead a class where she told us to imagine being dragons in our yoga practice. She uses a lot of metaphors, and on this particular class, I imagine my dragon and I took off soaring that day <3 It was truly uplifting. I had awakened my dragon. Thank you Shamron. You rock chica!

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Living fully.. She takes you to the center of your core!

Shamron's class is dynamic, creative and full of passion. Yoga comes natural for her. Her natural rhythm is fluidity. She makes the class accessible for everyone and anyone. In her class you will be inspired to have fun, let go and renew yourself. No class is the same, she is receptive to the needs of her students and will always connect with the dynamics of the group. She is one of my favorite teachers. Fun. Love and Passion come together in a wonderful free spirited soul. Thank you Sham for the opportunity to experience yoga(union) together.

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"Like an oreo"

Whenever anyone asks about Shamron's, I always tell them how she speaks my language. She explains everything in metaphors that are both helpful and humorous (which is very important to a sarcastic gal like myself). I still remember her telling us (while in triangle pose) to imagine we are the cream filling inside of two oreos, to help up straighten our bodies. I laughed, suddenly craved oreos, then adjusted myself accordingly. She's my favorite :)

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A perfect balance

I love Shamron's method. Her easy going, happy demeanor is comforting to beginners. She gently pushes you if you are more experienced. And her classes leave room or fun for the experts. I highly recommend her and Suntouch in Cypress!

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Shamron is magical! She is very enthusiastic and fun! Her teaching style is beyond inspirational. She makes everyone feel welcome and at home. <3

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Wow , Awesome , Beautiful , Talented , Friend & Best Yoga teacher I have met. When I came to Suntouch two years ago I was automatically amazed taking Shams classes and how she makes you feel so welcomed. You can tell she pours her love and knowledge into each class . I love how she always takes the time to communicate with each person who walks in the studio. I wish there were more stars to give her a higher rating because 5 just doesn't cut it .. Thank you my friend for all you have done and do love ya .....

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Best of the best!

I have practiced yoga on and off through the past 15 years, and never have I had the experience I have had with Shamron. Her classes are fun, challenging and informative. The first time I walked into the studio she manages, I knew I was going to enjoy her instruction and loved her positive attitude. She is one of the most patient and loving individuals I have ever come in contact with. Shamron makes you feel like an experienced yogi from the very start. Do not miss the chance to attend a practice led by this beautiful goddess. You will be glad you did and your practice, whether novice level or experienced, will never be the same! She is the real deal...

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Shamron is sweet

Shamron is awesome! My favorite yoga instructor and one of my favorite human beings.

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I began practicing yoga almost about a year ago at Suntouch Yoga Studios when I was going through some difficult times in life and was just looking for a way to deal with everything. I looked up and researched yoga studios all around me and decided Suntouch seemed like the place that would best suit me for a beginner yogi. Shamron was the teacher whos class i decided to try out first. When I got there I really enjoyed the warm studio vibe and wwelcoming feeling Shamron gave off.


She was very helpful in explaining everything for someone who didnt know exactly what to expect. I love the way Shamron teaches,she really gets best of both worlds with the physical aspect of it but also the meditation side which is really important to me. After my first couple classes I started to research and learn more about yoga and its origins and try and deepen my practice. Now about 9 months later, thanks to Shamron and the rest of the awesome teachers at Suntouch, I have found my passion! Yoga has changed my life. Because of these teachers and how passionate they are about what they do , I am a much happier person and I have found something I can take with me for the rest of my life. I truly appreciate Shamron for introducing it to me and giving me such a wonderful experience. I really recommend anyone, no matter if you are male or female, young or old, athletic or not, anyone can do yoga and Shamron is a perfect person to go practice with!!