Shankari Bowmaster

Buckingham, VA
United States

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Director of Group Services:
Group Services of Satchidananda, Yogaville is here to serve you every step of the way. Your group can move at its own speed and have access to remote locations for activities catering to every style of yoga and ability level.

We help you prioritize your retreat by offering a wide variety of complimentary services including:

schedule planning
priority check-in
hatha classes and deep relaxation
private seating in dining halls and more

Plus, when you plan a group retreat, you come for FREE! Get ready for your own unique Yogaville experience.

Choose from two very special mountainside properties:

Shri Nivas Retreat Center


Lotus Conference Center

Main campus accommodations are also available

Please contact Shankari Bowmaster at (434) 969-3121 Ext. 147 or

Go to to view virtual video tours and get more information.