Shannah Frank

Dallas, TX
United States

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Shannah (SHAH-na:) began practicing yoga in 2002 and continued to casually explore her practice until 2007. In 2008 when the stresses of life and excess weight became unmanageable, Shannah found that a consistent yoga practice was exactly what she needed to balance the physical and mental challenges she was facing. In 2009, with the encouragement of Angela, Shannah completed YogaSport’s TAP program and began assisting. Originally, Shannah participated in the TAP program to enhance her knowledge of postures and alignment for herself but finished the program inspired and excited to assist others to find strength ease in their own practice. With great support from the YS community, Shannah participated in the YSYS 200 Hour Teacher Training program.

“The community at YogaSport is so amazing. The support from the teachers and students extends well beyond the confines of your mat or the studio. In the past several years, I have learned to face many fears, let go of my ego on the mat and laugh at myself during my practice.”