Shannon Graves

Dallas, TX
United States
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Shannon began practicing yoga in 2008. She had never been “athletic” and despite a desire to be stronger and healthier, no workout plan was able to hold her interest for long. After practicing yoga for a few months at other local studios, Shannon attended Dallas’ Free Day of Yoga at YogaSport and had a completely new experience. The class was incredibly challenging and she HATED being asked to do things she felt were impossible. But for some reason, she kept coming back. She found that a regular practice helped put her, and the challenges she was facing, into perspective.

“When I began practicing yoga, my goal was simply to become stronger and more fit. The chants and the yoga lingo were unfamiliar to me. Practice? What are we practicing for? But over time the benefits that I felt from each class opened my mind and heart to a more spirit-driven world. I came to see my “practice” as real practice for life off the mat. Through the guidance of teachers and assistants, I identified unhealthy patterns in my thoughts and actions and saw how they limited my growth. And though it is a daily effort, by pushing my limits, I have begun to see how it is possible to exceed my own expectations for myself.”

In 2010, Shannon began the TAP program in order to learn more about the alignment and function of yoga and to further her personal practice. But, after completing the training, she felt empowered to assist others in their own discovery of yoga. Shannon continued her yoga journey and completed the YSYS 200 Hour Teacher Training Program in the Summer of 2012.