Shannon Tammaro

Winchester, MA
United States

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I took my first yoga class in 2008 and let's just say it was not love at first sight. A new yoga studio had opened up in town and I was excited to try something new. I stuck with it for a few classes but felt that yoga was taking away time I could be spending on getting a "real" workout. I never gave up on yoga altogether and when I started running a few years back, I found yoga to be the perfect way to cross train on my non-running days. It wasn't until I developed knee pain due to running that I really "got" yoga. Less running meant more yoga. I became more consistent and developed a solid practice. I made time to get on my mat everyday and have since become stronger both physically and mentally. I know what yoga can do for me, find out what it can do for you!
I am so honored and humbled to share my love of yoga. Give it a chance, you'll be amazed how much stronger, empowered, energized, and calmer yoga will make you.
My classes are all levels, which means all are welcomed!
I offer alignment cues, modifications of poses, demos, and hands on assisting.
Strengthen your body as you relax your
See you on your mat!


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