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Knoxville, TN
United States

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Shanti has been a Yoga Therapist & Wellness Coach in Knoxville, TN, since 1994. During her 20 year profession Shanti has shared her in-depth knowledge and ancient wisdom practices of Yoga, helping thousands of people breathe easier, learn to relax deeply, relieve chronic pain, prevent surgery, lower blood pressure, manage anxiety & stress, improve quality of life & relationships, eat and sleep better, gain overall health and well-being, and so much more.
Shanti has trained with famed Yogis from around the world including her parents – her first Yoga Intructors – renowned for 22 years as Directors of the Yoga Institute in Nicaragua. Her life-style since childhood, Shanti shares and promotes the basic tenants of Yoga for sustained good health and personal development toward fulfillment of each person’s greater desires and purpose. 
Shanti is certified as a Medical Qi-gong Therapist, Thai-Yoga Therapist, InterPlay Leader, Reiki Master, and Ordained Minister thru the Order of Melchizedec. With a Bachelors in Yoga & Meditation, Shanti has trained in Taoist Yoga, Acu-Yoga, Partner Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Swaroopa Yoga, Forest Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Ayurveda, and many other modalities, all which help to enhance her  wealth of knowledge and wisdom in facilitating a Complete Program of Wellness that suits the needs of any group or individual. 
Shanti has made it her life’s purpose to enhance her knowledge and capacity for unconditional Love, so that she may continually share the ability of all to experience greater personal serenity and to enjoy greater personal transformation at all levels of being – including the feeling of growing younger every day! – through restorative, healing Yoga.
Shanti has a soft, intuitive, light, loving, safe, and fun approach to leading group classes, private sessions, seminars, workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings. She deeply embraces sharing her wisdom and joy through the healing rejuvenation of Yoga.
Loving Life by Living Yoga…with Shanti, your inner peace and well-being are paramount, and blessings are abundant.


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