Shanti Shivani

Eugene, OR
United States
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Teacher of Nada Yoga/the Yoga of Sound and Dhrupad Ragas since 1993. Teacher of Frederick Leboyer's 'Art of Breathing' for pregnancy and birthing since 1986. Performer of Dhrupad Ragas, sacred Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi, Gregorian chants, kirtan leader since 1993.
Since 1981 disciple of the Dagar lineage, the most illustrious exponents of Dhrupad, the most ancient form of North Indian Classical music.
Since 1970 I have been studying and practicing many forms of movement work starting with hatha yoga, qi gong, wu chi, holistic body/consciousness training, tao yin fa, Frederick Leboyer's Art of Breathing etc. with renowned Asian and Western teachers. I have integrated the principles of these teachings into my voice work which is a path of healing and transformation. I studied spiritual healing with the renowned Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Vasant Ladd, and sound healing with Fabien Maman of the Academy of Sound, Color and Movement. I have been practicing Shaivism since 1977 and Tibetan Buddhism since 1984 and was initiated into Sufism of the Chisti lineage by Pir Vilayat Khan in 1990.

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