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Hi, my name is Sharda König and I am a certified Yoga teacher. The poem "I am the captain of my soul ( Henley) is an important motto in life for me. Connection and balance of body, soul and heart I find essential to bow to what life brings you. Accepting what was there and what there is, is the path to let go so you can be more yourself to finally be able to lead a happier life. There will always be present suffering in life but the more flexible you can bend the mind the more you can take control over your life. That to me is the art of living.
Teaching yoga is my greatest passion. I followed a Power Yoga teacherscourse at the Montfoort Dasra Center. This was followed by many, many more teachers workshops with Myrna van Kemenade, Robert Boustany, David Lurey, Rineke Vierhoven, Bryan Kest, David Jacobs, Wyan Partawan.
Yoga for me is so much more than just "poses/asana’s". It is not about standing perfect in a pose… to me it is about progress and experience what a pose/asana can do for you. I like to invite you to integrate yoga in your daily life in order to find your purpose in life and to celebrate life!
I teach Easy Flow Yoga, Stress Relief yoga and yoga for children.

I hope to meet you soon in one of my classes!



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