Sharlene Schneier

San Rafael, CA
United States
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I was in a step aerobics class when my back seized in spasm leveling me to the floor. I spent years under the care of various body workers trying to strengthen and stabilize my low back and sacrum. It was 2003 when yoga transformed my life. My daily practice has allowed me to maintain an active lifestyle and a healthy back.

As a movement educator, I am passionate about sharing the practice of yoga and its complimentary fitness methods with everybody and every body.

Exercise is medicine and we all deserve our own customized movement practice, created uniquely for our needs.

I encourage and empower students at different fitness levels, ages, and adaptive needs to align their bodies, minds, and hearts with their highest sense of self.

You will gain an awareness of how your body moves, how you can move more effectively, how to address imbalances, how to modify exercises and how to live better in your body.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

4 Reviews

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