Sharon Peregrina

Granada Andalucia

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Sharon Pregrina (Spain -Germany)
She studied Chinese Medicine Thai Massage, reflexology, spagyric and natural medicines, Bach flowers, acupuncture and healing through the heart.
She is a Yoga, AcroYoga and Yoga for kids Certificated Teacher.
Yoga means for her Love, and through love can heal the Earth, or at least, every little person we meet on our way.
In his teachings and learnings he transmits joy and love for life offers the opportunity to share, feel, experience, heal, grow and know yourself.
Since 2014 she shares her passion for nature making workshops, retreats and courses of adventure sports (climbing, canyoning, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, horses, etc.) and healing and wellbeing through Yoga, acroyoga, Massage, etc. .
She likes to heal through the magic of the plants, listening and energy.
Life is perfect; It is our great teacher. Let's play, smile and fly!


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