ShaTia Rogers

Louisville, KY
United States

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ShaTia Rogers stems from an athletic background where she spent years playing multiple sports, with an emphasis on Tennis; yet never fully appreciating the body as the artwork it truly is. It wasn’t until she attended her first yoga class in 2004 that she became curiously active in self-discovery. The welcoming environment of the yogic community provoked new outlooks and perspectives on life that only yoga could provide; which immediately became a regular routine in her daily life. She soon discovered yoga’s endless potential to strengthen, transform and deepen her overall health and well-being and has been practicing a combination of vinyasa, hatha, and ashtanga yoga ever since. During the certification program with Laura Spaulding at Yoga East, she has had the pleasure of attending workshops with renowned and innovative teachers’ such as Francois Raoult and David Garrigues and looks forward to attending many more.
ShaTia is very thankful for the amazing instructors she has met and continues to learn from. She is especially grateful for Laura as her teacher and inspiration in obtaining her certification which has already opened numerous opportunities to share her love for yoga and continued growth, both personally and in her practice. As well as Lisa Flannery for offering a position at The Yoga Loft to share her passion of yoga with others. She looks forward to sharing the knowledge and wisdom she has learned and to encourage others to explore themselves, and yoga, on a deeper level by expressing yoga in its true essence. ShaTia’s classes are consciously sequenced to provide an equal combination of physical and spiritual experience and enlightenment to ensure students get the full affect of what yoga has to offer. She enjoys incorporating music and spiritual readings in her classes while providing a unique and playful teaching style that is appropriate for all levels of students. She finds it important that students know how to apply their practice not only on their yoga mat, but also how to incorporate and embrace it in their lives off the mat.


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