Shaura Hall

United Kingdom

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Hello, I am Shaura. Now also known as The Yogologist. I dedicate my life to a spiritual study of human beings that is informed by practical science.

My journey into wholeness began in 2004 when I found myself in a Native American sweat lodge in Oregon. I was lucky to have found my first spiritual community and my connection to them has remained over the years. In the UK I began practicing and teaching kundalini yoga; this facilitated great personal shifts within me. After a time I enrolled onto a yoga therapy training with the Minded Institute and this process ignited my passion for science. I was invited to join the team as student supervisor and philosophy lecturer and attended many more training courses, all of which inform my work today.

After creating the Pilamaya 220 TTC I became an approved training provider with Yoga Alliance. The courses I have written tend to reflect my personal understanding of the gross and energetic world married by a more newly acquired grasp of the biological processes that govern life.

I believe in humans, I believe in the power of transformation and I understand the freedom that arises as a result of taking personal responsibility.

I invite you to sit with me when you are ready to have an experience of your true nature.

Week of January 24TH

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