Shawn Radcliffe

Guelph, ON

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Shawn is a yoga teacher based in the and Canada, a health and science writer, and a writer of fiction and poetry. He is known for making yoga accessible to even the most hesitant yoga students.

His yoga classes draw on a wide range of styles, including power yoga, ashtanga, and shadow yoga. But his yoga teaching is firmly rooted in a breath-based Hatha yoga that encourages people to develop their own personal yoga practice.

He completed his 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2009 at CorePower Yoga in Portland, Oregon. After that, he studied Ashtanga yoga at Yoga Pearl. He also took additional teacher training at Yoga Shala of Portland and continues to study with Chase Bossart.

As a health and science writer Shawn writes about a wide range of topics, including the latest medical research, tips for healthy living, the connection between science and spirituality, and yoga and meditation. His writing has appeared in online and print publications such as Men’s Fitness, Healthline and Science & Nonduality.

Shawn’s creative writing — including fiction, poetry and humor — has been published on Recovering Yogi, The Elephant Journal, and Swamp Biscuits & Tea, as well as on his own website Branáin — Ravenously Curious.

Shawn has bachelor’s degrees in English, Music and Biology, and a master's degree in Science Education. He has also taken graduate-level medical courses, including gross anatomy and physiology.

When he is not writing or teaching yoga, you can often find Shawn cross-country skiing or hiking in the forest or mountains. The same kinds of peaceful places where he once gathered specimens as a child for his pine needle collection.


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