Shawna Mefferd Kelty

Plattsburgh, NY
United States

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All of Shawna’s classes are currently on pause due to the global pandemic.

Shawna has been practicing yoga for 12 years. She started as a means to develop flexibility as a runner and in her job as a theatre carpenter. Shawna deepened her practice and opened her practice guiding others in theirs after coming to Plattsburgh.

Recognizing that each of us needs to slow down, breathe, and reconnect the mind with the body, she teaches classes that use asanas (poses) to develop balance, flexibility, strength, and confidence. She strives to meet students where they are, understanding that yoga is a beneficial path for all people regardless of age, background, or body.

Breath is what matters most.
Also, any amount of practice is a good, full practice whether it’s 2 minutes of focused breath work or a 90-minute practice with savasana.

Our yoga teachers may be our class guides, but they are all around us in the world. They may be our ancestors, our neighbors, or the trees.

Shawna also has a PhD in Theatre and teaches at SUNY Plattsburgh and directs both locally and regionally. She grew up on the Nebraska plains and has grown to love the North Country landscape. She is an avid long-distance runner, too. You’ve probably seen her out on road at one point or another. Yoga and running for her are meditative practices, focusing on the breath, alignment, and staying present…yoga is significantly (and most times) less sweaty.


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