Shawna Moore

Whitefish, MT
United States

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Shawna is a long time student of Tias Little and Prajna Yoga. Her yoga teaching uses poetry, metaphor and anatomical reference to explore the gross and subtle bodies of physical, mental and creative potential. As an artist she explores the use of non-traditional materials such as encaustic (wax) and sumi' (ink). She has studied Asian calligraphy in Vietnam and in the with master calligrapher Kazuaki Tanahashi. In addition to a full time artistic practice, she leads a Salon group of creative women in her home of Whitefish, MT. Her practices of yoga and freeform mark making support the rigors of the creative process for herself and her students. Besides yoga and creativity retreats, Shawna enjoys the call of the wild in the rugged mountains and trails of Montana and leads ski and yoga retreats and also bike and yoga retreats.


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