Shay Pedersen

Tucson, AZ
United States
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I began teaching mat Pilates in early 2010 and yoga just a few months later. I teach all levels and all ages and believe anyone can be taught. I believe in listening to your body and varying asana or Pilates to fit each individual. My yoga style is typically Hatha flow, but I offer slow flow classes and gentle yoga for seniors. I have taught kids yoga publicly and privately. I am currently apprenticing, learning to teach reformer/equipment Pilates classes. I adore each and every one of my students and I'd love to see you in class!


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
A rewarding experience to your mind, body and soul!

Shay and her abilities are truly a gift worth treating yourself to. I have been attending her yoga and pilates classes for approximately 4 years and have seen a tremendous improvement to my flexibility, core strength, being more balanced and calm within my mind and more relaxed within my body. I am a bigger and more muscular guy and was very tense and tight.


When I first began to attend Shay's classes, I was an avid cyclist and I would do strength training and I was not very limber and extremely tight.

Shay has a wonderful approach to teaching. She not only communicates throughout the entire class (she also uses the sanskrit names and defines them, giving you a little extra knowledge), but she also demonstrates. She is mostly hands off but will make the occasional correction. She will also take the time to get to know new students, if they have any medical history that she should be aware of (she's excellent about instructing the class for any modifications and will advise her students that have injuries what to do). She will also push the class and give some more challenging poses. I feel really accomplished when I am able to do something I couldn't before and the other great thing is that shay will notice and acknowledge the progress that her students make. For instance, if you're able to finally have the correct form on a particular pose. It takes a little time and commitment, but if you stick with Shay you'll be on your way to a better body and mind and overall well-being.

She is a wonderful asset to any mindful yoga journey that you may be on, as you will gain great benefit out of her knowledge and guidance.