Shaye Herbert

South Africa

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My yogic journey started in 2010. I immediately experienced calmness and equanimity in amongst the stresses of daily life. Yoga rapidly became an invaluable element of life and it quickly became obvious that I was driven to share the benefits I had experienced myself with others. This led me ultimately to undertake a 200hr teacher training course; the course itself was an incredibly rewarding and empowering experience, which not only equipped me with the necessary tools but also served to reinforce my passion for teaching yoga.

My class is a combination of strength and challenge, balanced with moments of stillness and repose; students will experience both an uplifting and energetic class with dynamic, fluid sequencing. The breath is an essential and fundamental element of every class; my aim is to create a moving meditation by connecting breath with graceful movement, creating length and space in the body. Additionally, I seek to yoke the mind and body, assisting students in cultivating resilience in managing the daily stresses of life. Classes are set in a safe space enabling the student to fully embrace their practice. Students are encouraged to listen to the desires of their unique bodies and tailor the practice to their needs. My classes are set to the music of the breath.


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