Sheetal Contractor

Sparta, NJ
United States

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HELLO! My name is Sheetal Contractor. Here's a bit about In 2006, I left the corporate world to pursue my passion – sharing wellness through therapeutic yoga and bodywork. Since then, this passion has evolved into Soluna Solutions LLC, a wellness business through which I offer Therapeutic Yoga & Bodywork and my signature service, Personal Wellness Coaching. My mission is to help individuals take charge of their health by being proactive participants in their well-being. My yoga-based Personal Wellness Coaching supports individuals in achieving specific health goals by teaching them how to change their old, disempowering habits into new, empowering ones. This holistic approach combined with a systematic structure enables me to teach, support and motivate my clients to make the lifestyle changes they need to experience their full potential of health – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I truly believe that with each individual I am able to serve, a ripple effect occurs promoting balanced wellness to our families, communities and the world.


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