Sheila Fox (Noteable Healing)

Albuquerque, NM
United States

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Sheila has worked with a variety of populations, young and old including victims of trauma, chronically ill, hospice patients, people with Alzheimer's and Veterans. Sheila founded the Veterans and Their Loved Ones Trauma and Stress Reduction clinic in Albuquerque, NM. She uses Acutonics Sound Healing in both private practice and in group workshops like Chakra Wellness and Capacitar Family Wellness. Her background as a licensed massage practitioner and professional vocalist/musician bring a dimension of warmth and nurturance to her teaching style. Sheila is the mother of two daughters and grandmother of 3.

Sheila has an interactive Notable Healing Podcast. Sheila uses harmonious sound healing and musical instruments, vocals, the breath, a poem or lyric and a variety of other sounds to weave together a colorful rejuvenation session. Connect to a feeling of wholeness and balance. It’s a mindfulness smorgasbord that is sure to please. Check it out at notablehealing. com.

You can also find Sheila on her YouTube channel: /channel/UCUK-LWra9PNb9SvMB5jNNDg or type in "Notable Healing Sheila Fox" on YouTube.


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