Sheila Niermeier

Toronto, Etobicoke, ON
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I have been teaching yoga for over 30 years. I love working with spine problems,,improving alignment and posture, helping students with back, neck and other to prevent osteoporosis is also a goal! I enjoy teaching younger more fit students as well, to do great advanced yoga while still being aware of posture, alignment and safety!

My classes include young and older, men and women

I have enjoyed evolving as yoga changes and especially love the idea that yoga is like be theraputic! Most important part of yoga is to keep the body in great shape,,,,so that you can do what your heart leads you to!

I enjoy introducing new younger students to the joys of yoga and I love helping not so young students to keep in great shape to support their dreams! I have taught students from the ages of 2 to the age of 93!

After being a teacher of children with special needs ....I now really enjoy working out adaptations to poses in working with yogis. This has led me to work with students such as students with and other health challenges. I now currently teach a class for students with at Humber Valley Church in Etobicoke on Wednesday September to June.

I teach general yoga classes at the Westway United Church in Etobicoke.(I taught for years with Parks and Rec and Bd of Ed.) I emphasize alignment, balance, and a dedication to the shape of the pose. I also try to make my students understand that they don't have to keep up with anyone else or go into wild poses. Yoga is all about feeling great and being able to do the things in your life that you need and want to


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

3 Reviews

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