Shelley Green

United Kingdom

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I have never been a 'sporty' or physical person but fell in love with yoga and the changes it brought to my life a few years ago.

Although I am not naturally flexible or strong (and would probably rather read a book and drink tea than do exercise!) I found a yoga class and teacher I liked, and persevered through the stage where I could barely touch my toes, and gradually started to see real, tangible changes physically.

I grew stronger and more flexible, and my general health and fitness improved. This strengthened my confidence in my body and its abilities and brought about a real change to my self esteem.

In turn, and with time, my interest in yoga grew into something deeper. I began to notice the changes it was bringing to my thoughts, outlook on life and relationships/interactions with others. It was real, and positive. The more I delved into yoga, the more this grew.

I decided to train to become a teacher so I could try to share the light of yoga with others, especially those like me, that were never confident in the physical side of their being. Perhaps who never excelled in sport, or were even somewhat affected by the experiences of not doing well in this area as a child and adult. But with persistence, and a little bit of commitment, this can change.

I hope that I have the opportunity to teach you and support you, and show you that whatever your ability level, if you keep practising, you will see a change. In both your ability to touch your toes, and how you feel about this life you have, here and now.


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