Shelli Welch

Lenoir, NC
United States

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259 Hour RYT Certified Yoga Instructor and Yoga Practitioner for more than twenty years, I have been leading yoga classes since 2010.
I am also the owner and operator of The Perfect Fit Personal Training Studio in Lenoir, NC.

I first discovered yoga intuitively on my own through what was solo practice. It was only later when I ran across a book about yoga at a bookstore, that I realized I had been doing Yoga. I believe in inspiring others to develop a solo practice and teach from this foundation – anyway that you FEEL like moving IS Yoga. Your Body and your own Self are Your TRUE TEACHERS and I or anyone else that leads you through a Yoga class is there only to help you to learn how to LISTEN to the messages your OWN Body and Your OWN Inner Voice are sending you.

Because Yoga was invaluable in helping me to heal from a traumatic childhood, my passion has been to make yoga available to under-served and distressed populations. I have been devoted since 2010 to bringing Yoga to adults and youth who deal with intellectual disability and/or developmental disability and/or mental health along with victims of trauma, substance abuse, grief and other mental health issues.

I work in both private and group setting for the general population as well as the above special populations. Current clients include: Skill Creations, Gateway Opportunities Group, and Caldwell County Schools EC Program. Past clients include: Caldwell County Hospice, and local mental health agencies.


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