Sherri Grande

Media, PA
United States

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I am a 200RYT trained in Ashtanga-Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yoga and am currently working toward my 500RYT certification, with a focus on therapeutic yoga for those with chronic illness. I also have a special interest in helping school-aged children cope with stress and focus issues.

Yoga has guided me through my own challenge with a chronic illness and brought me to a place of strength, calm and healing, both physically, mentally and emotionally. Through my ten year practice I have learned both on and off my mat, the many amazing benefits that yoga can bring to one's life. This has led me to teach stress relief and healing through the many aspects of this practice.

Through my practice I have found myself to be more accepting and compassionate towards myself and those around me, and have found that yoga allows me to be the teacher I was meant to be.


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