Sherry Kilian

Phoenix, AZ
United States

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"As one of those kids that loved gym class I have been physically active all my life. This yen for running, jumping and playing lead to my first taste of yoga in 1986. From my first breath on the mat, I knew I had found home. Over the decades, continuing to hone my practice and meditation along with private study and advanced teachings that draw from many forms of yoga. Upon attending a workshop with Eric Schiffmann, I found my own Vinyasa style most aligned with Schiffmann’s Freedom style yoga. Currently I am holding 200 hour KRI Yoga Certification, plus CEU’s from Erich Schiffman and Rod Stryker, among others. Since 2004, I have been developing Lunar Cycles Yoga, wherein the practice aligns with the lunar cycle. Thereby riding the energy of nature, rather than struggling to swim upstream. I began teaching this concept to students in 2008, continuing to explore our physical bodies, microcosm, within the heavenly bodies, macrocosm. I am currently writing a book on the subject." Sherry Kilian

In addition to yoga, Sherry’s lifelong interests include nutrition and supplements, travel, camping and hiking. Also with a history of Tae Kwon Do and kickboxing, weightlifting, rollerblading, running, and mountain bicycling all cycling in and out of her life, as needed. Her life’s work as a hairdresser is teaching her the value of service in relationship, along with two of her favorite things, morning walks with her dog, P. Ditty, through the park and kitty snuggles with Baby Jane.

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