Shiloh Daum

Lansing, MI
United States

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Shiloh Daum Kinesiology from MSU, Sport Psychology Cognate, Specialization in Health Promotion 300/500 hour Yoga training with Hilltop Yoga, Yoga Alliance affiliated
Attended yoga workshops with Jules Mitchell, Laurel Beversdorf, Beryl Bender Birch, Wayne Lehrer, Rolf Gates, David Life, Bryan Kest and Yoga4Kids.
Participated in “Yoga for Healing Trauma” training put on by Jill Weiss Ippolito of UpRising Yoga in early June 2018.
In addition to studios mentioned above, I currently teach for the Firecracker Foundation, which “honors the bravery of children who have survived sexual trauma by building a community invested in the healing of their whole being”.
I have previously taught yoga for the Okemos Nursery School, Hilltop Yoga, University Club of MSU, Trainers Studio, State of Fitness, East Lansing Farmers Market, Capital Area Down Syndrome Association, Jack & Jill of America (local chapter) and was recruited to teach at the Peace Quest Greater Lansing (’15-’17), Michigan Dental Association (’16) and Michigan Sierra Club Retreat (’17) events.
Style Description
My classes are an integrated style of yoga. Holding yoga philosophy and tradition dear, I also bring in elements of biomechanics, kinesiology, and somatic education. I have a moderate pace to the flow of postures, but I try my best to teach to the energy and practice of those in the room each class. My classes encourage finding spaces in you, through movement, that resonate with where you are, in this breath. This nurturing approach assists us in coming to our edge with each posture in our lives (on our mats, as well as off), with openness, practicing letting go of outcomes so we can feel our way through. We practice leading our growth from a space of love, compassion and honesty. It is my wish for you to find your own practice, the balance that resonates with where you are. I offer progressive loading and functional movement cues and tips to better stack your body and life to not only feel good during yoga, but feel better throughout your day. I also offer options to make the pose feel better, whether that means backing it off a little to enable breath and fluidity, or turning the challenge up a little bit to feel the strength one holds. Because I recognize that some use yoga as their only movement modality, I sometimes integrate some pulling and stabilizing movements to balance the pushing and mobility of the yoga postures. I use a comfortable temperature for the yoga environment. I teach not only the physical aspect of yoga, but also talk about the other seven limbs of yoga. I talk about chakras (energetic wheels of light that relate physiologically to different functioning within you), will sometimes guide short meditations, and chant AUM (audible vibration for sound therapy, the “sound within all sounds”) at the end of every class. I call my services, Seeds of Peace Yoga & Life, because I wish to be of service in guiding you to plant seeds of peace within your heart, observe your growth, and carry the spaces you find on your mat, out into the world. Hope to see you in class! May your days shine bright! Many blessings to you! Namaste’ <3


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