Shimmy Levy-Riley

United Kingdom
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Shimmy is a London based yoga teacher passionate about teaching Beginners, Pregnancy, Restorative and Yin Yoga.

She experienced her first yoga class in 2003. From that point in time, she knew that sharing the practice of yoga was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life, and has never looked back since.

Shimmy's yoga journey brought her to complete a BWY Foundation course with Tara Fraser at Yoga Junction, and thanks to an auspicious alignment of stars and developments in life, followed a Astanga Vinyasa Teacher Training (with Julie Martin & Melanie Cooper, RTY 500) at Brahmani Yoga, India in 2009.
Shimmy is also a qualified Pre & Postnatal (RYT100) and Restorative Yoga teacher (Jodi Boone, Brahmani Yoga), and recently completed a 100 Hour Anusara Yoga Immersion with Bridget Woods Kramer in London.

Her approach to teaching is similar to her approach in life: both grounded and light, dedicated, mindful and aware, whilst understanding personal limitations that are inherent to each and every individual.

Shimmy’s teaching is gentle and kind, encouraging and nurturing. With a smile and deep love for teaching, she seeks to instil a sense of lightness and ease to students, enabling them to sense how their body, mind and spirit connect.

Having practiced with a number of highly experienced teachers in both the Iyengar and Ashtanga traditions, Shimmy loves to create sequences to suit the energy and level of the class, whilst also challenging and inspiring students to honour their abilities and presence on and off the mat.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

92 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Amazing pregnancy yoga course

I participated in a total of 7 group antenatal yoga sessions conducted by shimmy, and to say it was amazing is an understatement! Really helped with my anxiety as well as helped in getting my baby in to the right position for a vaginal birth! Shimmy is highly experienced, very warm, understanding and non judgmental she has been a great support in helping me connect with my baby in the womb ? I only wish I had known about her/met her sooner!

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Great Pregnancy classes

I am doing my 3rd pregnancy course with Shimmy and am very happy with her explanations and support. I believe her words and tequnique made me stronger both mentally and physically and I feel less fear and more passion to the fast approaching labour.

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Shimmy’s pregnancy course is amazing. She is very spiritual and experienced. She teaches passionately. I really recommend her yoga for pregnancy course.

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Great headstand course

I did the 3 weeks headstand course with Shimmy and it was great. Never saw myself as someone who could master a headstand and to be honest I was terrified when I first tried. But Shimmy taught us everything there is to know about headstand and helped us into sirsasana safely. I was able to hold a headstand without the wall after a weeks after I finished the course as I knew exactly what I had to practice to be able to do so. The course gave my confidence a much needed boost.

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Headstand Course

I have been practising yoga for a number of years and have found that in most classes headstands are encouraged 'for those who already know how to do one'. I signed up for Shimmy's headstand course to ensure that my headstand practice was safe, but also to know how to improve my practice with the guidance often not given in weekly classes.
The course was exactly what I was looking for and more. The weekly workshops gave me lots to work on and think about and I would recommend this course to everyone from all abilities. Shimmy was very good at encouraging and putting those scared of inversions at ease.
Thank you for a great workshop. I feel a lot more confident in my practice

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What a joy

Everyone of Simmy’s classes, I have left feeling better and more connected. She explains verywell and for someone who finds it difficult sometimes to get my left and rights correct (dyslexic), I have not had a problem in her classes. Shimmy love for yoga comes out in her teaching and is very good at adjusting for where you might be in body. Will keep coming and being inspired.

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A must for all mummies-to-be!

I just completed two courses of pregnancy yoga classes with Shimmy and will miss them greatly (I would have signed up to another round if I was not due!). I had never practiced yoga before and so Shimmy’s gentle and knowledgeable approach allowed me to feel relaxed, comfortable yet challenged. Her experience of pregnancy combined with yoga allowed us in the class to share our worries and get suitable advice. I would definitely recommend any pregnant women out there to sign up to her classes - I practiced up to 37 weeks pregnant and felt very relaxed and I was surprised by how much the body can actually handle.

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Beautiful, thoughtful, practical pregnancy yoga workshop

I attended Shimmy's half-day pregnancy yoga workshop for new yoga teachers, and it was a lovely and empowering experience. She made me feel excited and inspired to work with pregnant students, as opposed to scared which is how many yoga teachers can feel. She also made me feel that I really already have the tools and the knowledge at my disposal, which was very empowering. The workshop was simultaneously loaded with practical guidance, yet felt warm and conversational, a place where everyone had a voice.

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Workshop with Shimmy

Went to an amazing workshop with Shimmy (modifications for pregnancy for yoga teachers). Shimmy is so knowledgeable and passionate about this topic. I learnt loads during this session and feel more confident about offering modifications to pregnant ladies coming to my classes. Cant recommend it enough!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

I had a brilliant time attending Shimmy’s prenatal workshop for yoga teachers. She was full of wisdom and had lots of empowering advice to share. I left feeling confident and inspired and wanting to attend more of her classes and workshops. Thank you Shimmy!

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Inspirational Guide

Shimmy is more than a teacher - she can inspire you and guide you toward your inner goals!

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What yoga is all about

I have been practicing with Shimmy for more than 6 months on a weekly basis, across a range of yoga classes, workshops and studios and she is by far my favorite yoga instructor to date. Her intuitive, challenging yet refreshingly humane approach to yoga, which stretches the physical capacity without however any force, leaves me always feeling serene and refreshed. I love her holistic approach to yoga that spans beyond the exercise into breathing, mindfulness and above all kindness and acceptance of what is. I highly recommend any of her classes and workshops wherever you can find them!

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I love Shimmy's classes!

I remember attending my first class with Shimmy, nearly a year ago, and afterwards a friend asked me what the teacher was like, I answered: she made us work quite hard but always with a smile on her face and encouraging words - I like her.


Since then I've attended Shimmy's Sunday classes weekly and always look forward to having time off work so I can up my yoga and attend her weekday classes too. She still works me hard, sometimes letting me catch my breath but other times pushing me deeper and into more challenging postures, but I feel totally safe under her guidance and trust her teaching implicitly.

Although her classes are entitled 'beginners', the ability within the class is broad and Shimmy ensures that everyone can access the postures, promoting the use of props and modifications where needed as well as having a focus on alignment and sometimes using hands on adjustment.

There is time and space in Shimmy's classes and I never feel rushed or lost as she teaches with clear instructions and always with an underlying sense of humour.

In a huge city with hundreds of yoga studios and teachers to choose from I'm so glad Indaba was recommended to me and I found Shimmy's classes. Thank you Shimmy!

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Excellent yoga classes

I attend beginners classes lead by Shimmy. It is always fun and engaging. And I always look forward to attending these classes whenever I am in London.

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Great Antenatal Instruction

I just signed up for my second course of pregnancy classes with Shimmy. I really enjoyed her first course and am looking forward to this second set. I feel very safe in her class - she does not rush through the motions but rather takes the time to make sure each person is comfortable and safely progressing from one pose to the next. I have found Shimmy to be very knowledgeable regarding pregnancy issues and appreciate her recommendations and suggestions. Overall, I would highly recommend taking one of her classes as I feel so much better and more relaxed after each session!

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Amazing headstand course with Shimmy

I attended Shimmy's headstand course and it was amazing. I never thought I would be able to do a headstand but I was proven wrong. Shimmy is great at noticing the level of each individual and guiding them with specific and step-by-step pointers. Thanks for helping me start my headstand journey ?

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Headstand Workshop

I loved every minute of my workshop with Shimmy, which was spread over 3 weeks - in fact I was sad for it to end. Shimmy's approach was very thorough and tailored, really taking on board each individuals skeletal structure, as well as their abilities and strength. Based on this a headstand was made accessible to all. Now all I have to do is keep practicing and overcome my fear of being upside down :) Thanks Shimmy!

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Shimmy's antenatal yoga class

I recommend Shimmy's antenatal yoga class without reservation. The postures and breathing techniques she teaches are great for relaxing the mind and body with a focus on building strength in preparation of the due date. Shimmy has a gentle manner and an attention for detail - her personal touch is great. She keeps an eye on each member of the class in order to support with exercise; takes the time to ask about specific aches and pains that one might be feeling and answers questions.


She also has great tips in terms of which books to read, how to prepare for the big day in terms of strengthening the pelvic floor, which courses are good for preparing oneself for breastfeeding and managing labour pain, how one's partner can be involved in the birthing process, etc. Her knowledge on the changes that young mums go through physically and mentally can be seen as thorough and shows in her classes. The class environment is very relaxed and Shimmy understands that every woman's body is different and is able to support her to achieve her goal for that lesson, the week or beyond. Also, as a first time mum who is anxious about the final stages of pregnancy in particular labour and pain, I find Shimmy's guidance and advice vital - she has a lot of belief in her students' abilities to cope with pregnancy. I always leave Shimmy's class feeling destressed, positive and optimistic.

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Beginners yoga @ Indaba Studio

I started attending Shimmy's beginner's yoga classes on Monday and Sunday morning at Indaba studio after I had a back injury. I was not a complete beginner but had a long break due to my injury (& laziness!).


I think Shimmy's class is a really great beginners class tho - she pitches it really perfectly in that it would be a very good, clear introduction to yoga but also she pushes you, in a good way, to learn new things which would prepare you for taking more advanced classes if that is what you want. She gives really helpful adjustments, she is clearly experienced and has helped me to practice safely following my injury and several things she has suggested I use in my practice at home. She is also really friendly and fun -I always leave class feeling chill & happy! I would highly recommend her classes.

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A great teacher

I cannot recommend Shimmy’s basics course and beginners class enough. Her classes have helped me develop a love for yoga. Having been a relative ‘couch potato’ throughout my life her classes have been the safe space I have needed to start increasing my physical activity. Her course was a great foundation for learning about the essence of yoga and the alignment of each pose. Her teaching style has been the perfect balance between compassion and understanding our body’s limits, and learning how to grow and develop in each pose. And waking up early on Sunday for her classes are always a treat.

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Excellent and focused teacher

I have been joining Shimmey's Beginners classes for a couple of months now. She is a passionate and alignment focused teacher. I have attended classes in many international cities and have yoga teacher friends and I can say that her classes are outstanding. I feel protected, well looked after and never feel side tracked or bored. Without her class, a week just feels incomplete!

Average: 4.0 of 5 stars

I only few weeks ago and at the moment can only manage one day a week because of other obligations. However in the short time I have been going Shimmy has shown a great patience at the lack of my ability and takes ime to explain what I need to know.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Brilliant Beginner Yoga Teacher

As a beginner yoga practitioner, I don't know what I don't know... Shimmy is great at giving just enough information to work with without overwhelming you with details. From her workshop, I learned about the bigger picture of yoga: how spiritual ties in with physical practice. Now I see and approach my practice slightly differently. Her yoga classes are a real pleasure and get you sweating. She's also attentive to individual needs and gives you modifications and variations of postures.

I highly recommend Shimmy to anyone new to yoga or someone who wants to go over the basics and deepen your understanding of yoga.

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Shimmy-pregnancy yoga

Shimmy is one of the best yoga teachers I've ever had. She is a friendly and versatile instructor, I participated in many of her classes, including pregnancy yoga classes. All of them were great, challenging and relaxing at the same time. Shimmy is very supportive during the classes, she provides a lot of feedback and instructs how to breathe and exercise correctly. Her pregnancy yoga is good for your body and mind. She shares her knowledge and experience during classes and gives a lot of advice. Shimmy allows space to ask questions, share experience.She explains what is the purpose of each of the postures. Thank you Shimmy!

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Learning with humour and compassion

Shimmy teaches with a sense of humour and compassion. The beginners course is a new adventure and just standing on one leg for longer than two seconds seems like an epic task. Shimmy taught the classes with patience and kindness helping with feelings of any self doubt. She also explained about some of the teachings of yoga and applied this to everyday life. Highly recommend.