Jacqui Brumley

Melbourne VIC

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Jacqueline Brumley & Shimon Tchobutaru share two great loves. One for each other & two their love of yoga.
Husband & wife team, Jacqui & Shimon from Hawthorn Malvern Yoga Centre have been practicing, teaching & studying yoga for over 60 collective years.
Both have trained extensively in Australia & India & teach yoga to an excellent standard.
Yoga they believe is about living life in a healthy way. About being physically alive & mentally stable.
The Yoga they teach is about integration.
It is about bringing the mind, body & spirit into unison.
So that when you are practicing yoga, you are totally present in what you are doing & everything else is put to the side.
Their belief is that yoga is for all. Not just the young & flexible or the alternative types but for all because it targets the whole human being.
They teach from many years of experience & bring passion, fun & joy into every session. Their classes leave students feeling strong, refreshed & uplifted.


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