Shira Cohen

Den Haag

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Yoga has been a journey for me of daily practice since 27yrs. Through Yoga I discovered that the power and beauty inherent in nature also resides within each of us. Yoga is the tool that empowers each of us with the knowledge to become masters of our own health and live a life full of joy.
I believe that all beings can find absolute freedom, love, abiding harmony and happiness through the body and mind using the practices of Yoga.
This is my deepest desire for all living beings.

Manuela Heider de Jahnsen was my teacher for more than 12yrs. In Manuela's clinic in Berlin I assisted as and worked in the field of Yoga therapy, body work, Ayurvedic diet, herbs and massage. Adressing conditions such as allergies, autoimmune dis-ease, asthma, injuries, stress, burn-out, insomnia, anxiety, depression and structural misalignment.

My studies under many great teachers amount to more than 2000 hrs.
​But the study of Yoga is as long as this journey called Life, eternal.
There is no way to certify true Yoga practice.
The practice is embodied by the practitioner, and the effects felt by living what we learn in our practice.

​In geneeral classes I work with the principles of alignment, how to apply the philosophy and deeper practices of Yoga into daily practice and off the mat.

To quench her thirst for holistic understanding, knowledge and insight to all that pertains to Yoga, I have also studied with Pankaj Sharma, Usha Devi, Rose Baudin, David Frawley, Balaram Chandra Das, Dr Vasant Lad, Judith Lasater, Montserrat Gomez Marintez, Lucy Roberts, Jon Douillard.

I have delved into the foundation of Yoga; Ayurveda, and its culmination; Meditation, so that when I teach, I hope to guide others deeper into their practice be that physical, energetic, mental or spiritual. As a teacher I am devoted, caring and love to educate and learn from all students.

To me every creation in existence is a teacher.


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