Shirin Sadiq-Akbar

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I discovered yoga after the birth of my son 5 years ago. And now I am totally booked, hooked and sold to it! I absolutely love to teach and feel that yoga can be practiced by all.

I am a certified teacher RYT-200 and studied from Yogadarshanam, Mysore, India. Going to India to do my YTTC was a real adventure. My son Enzo accompanied me and in the process has become a real little yogi himself.

Limetree Yoga, my custom-built studio exclusively dedicated to yoga, and the only one of its kind in Lahore, has recently opened.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

10 Reviews

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First time yoga

Four fabulous introductory sessions

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I came to Limetree yoga studio over a year ago and during the course of my practice with Shirin, I have not only managed to overcome my fears and anxiety but it has helped me in regulating all hormonal imbalances whilst providing mental, emotional and physical strength. Shirin is, by far, the best instructor the town has seen, who not only is kind and compassionate in her practice but encourages you to move beyond your comfort zone.
It is invariably true that yoga is the practice of tolerating the consequences of being yourself, and this is exactly what Shirin instills in each and every one of her students. #Limetreeyogastudio

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I have not yet attended a yoga class better than Shirin's. Shirin takes an active interest in each students well-being and progress. She is very encouraging when it comes to new and challenging postures; encouraging her students to work hard individually without a sense of competition. Her restorative yoga truly restores the mind and body. A sense of harmony prevails in her studio.

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Highly recommend

I extremely enjoy my yoga class. It gives me energy and positivity. I was very tense when I joined yoga and now I feel a lot better. I know its hard to start but if you manage then you don't feel like missing any class. It becomes your priority. Shirin is a very committed teacher and takes personal interest in every one. She is very friendly and is always keen in replying to our queries. She has created an environment which makes us feel comfortable and relaxed.

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Great Coach

Shirin demonstrates each move and explains equally. She is as much as body focused as is spiritual.

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She's great

I started yoga two months ago with Shirin and I absolutely love it. She is an extremely friendly and responsive teacher. She pays individual attention to everyone in our group and manages multiple tracks in each class. After every session I feel fresh and rejuvenated. I highly recommend her to anyone who's looking to start or continue yoga.

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i joined yoga with shireen few months back and am really enjoying it. Shireen is an excellent teacher and loves yoga and this is all that matters. :) Erum

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I'm only a beginner at the moment but I feel as a yoga instructor Shirin is quite dedicated and she takes time to carefully plan each class. She does the whole routine with us and explains how different postures are good for different organs/parts of the body. Only after a couple of sessions my breathing has improved considerably and I look forward to the next class as soon as one ends :)

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Fit again

Shirin showed me how to overcome my anxiety linked to back injury. I thoroughly enjoyed her classes as she safely showed me how to get into postures I had previously thought would aggravate my back problems. Thank you shirin for helping me get my confidence back vis a vis exercise!

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Life changer!

As a student when I joined I used to be a lazy person and depressed all the time. A total couch potato. Shirin and her yoga instruction has made me a much cheerful and an active person. I really enjoy my time in her class and outside I am more present, aware and happier.
She has brought a significant positive change in my personality because of her skills and personality.