Shivani (Tamara) Matthews

Sebastian, FL
United States
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Teaching in an eclectic style, Shivani has been involved in the study and practice of yoga and meditation since the early 70's. Shivani is a transpersonal psychotherapist using diverse somatic modalities, healing meditation, breath, expressive arts and art/movement therapies. Shivani is inspired by the awareness of the inner body connection after several severe injuries. She teaches "Healing Yoga" as a way to connect with your body with natural, effortless alignment. This yoga is useful for those who are tight, stressed, have injuries or simply need a space to regroup, Come feel balanced, drop in and ground back to your Self. For newBE's and oldBE's alike - ALL LEVELS ARE INVITED TO ENGAGE IN THE INTIMATE INTELLIGENCE OF THE BODY/MIND/SPIRIT from a deep level of quiet and individual awareness. Shivani gratefully continues to weave Kali Natha Yoga into classes. A remembrance of how to connect and feel Joy in your body as prayer.
"For 3 whole days after this class, my body felt no pain at all! I felt like a teenager, and I was able to jump right out of bed in the mornings. This class really helped me!" - Stacey Eurice


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

2 Reviews

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