Shivjyoti Puri

Brisbane QLD
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Shivjyoti has always inspired her students to practice Yoga as a series of techniques that unfold our inner qualities, allowing us to live extraordinary lives. Driven by the possibility of transformation through Yoga and Meditation she has been recognised by the Indian Consul and invited to meetings with the Indian Prime Minister and to represent Australia at International Yoga conferences.

One of Australia’s highly trained, authentic yoga and meditation teachers and director of Shivoham she is dedicated to sharing the Yoga science of wellbeing, ancient and transformational it offers everyone a path to inner fulfilment. A gifted speaker, blending ancient wisdom with the demands of our daily life revealing a path of physical, spiritual and intellectual health that everyone can benefit from.

Her Spiritual Master taught that spirituality means activity and creativity not a passive or temporary journey, rather handling situations with intelligence and dynamic clarity affording the most positive outcomes in everything. Her dedication saw her initiated as a Swami in 2013 and travelled to the Himalayas with her Guru, where he instructed her to pass on the Light of Shree Alakhpuriji Siddha Peetha Parampa, this light is the eternal guiding principle of all spiritual paths.

She has, more recently begun designing beautifully crafted spiritual malas and crystal jewellery as an expression of the synergy between earth and spirituality. Always looking for an outlet of her creativity, these sacred malas combine meditation, consciousness and healing and the intention of everyday wear while serving as a reminder of our innate potential within.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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