Shoshanah Murray

Fort Washington, PA
United States

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I am a practicing Vinyasa yoga instructor in the Philadelphia area. I began my personal practice in 1996, studying in California and Seattle before relocating to Philadelphia. In Philadelphia, my practice deepened to encompass Ashtanga, Ayengar and Yin practices.
Trained in the Vinyasa, or Flow, style of yoga, I received my instruction and certification from Inner Bliss Yoga Center. My experience and personal style includes Yin, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Ayengar styles as well as tantra, meditation and pranayama. My sessions are tailored to the specific needs of the students; to their physical and emotional abilities and challenges. The emphasis on supportive alignment and breathing techniques allows me and my students to explore the practice more fully.
I am frequently teaching and studying at studios throughout the Philadelphia area, including SSP Yoga, Whole Body Yoga, Twisters, Iron Work Fitness, City Fitness, Studio B and Inner Bliss Yoga Center. In addition, I offer private sessions to students who would like a more personalized practice and specialized attention.


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