ShreeHari Yoga

Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh

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Ideology at Shree Hari Yoga & our Teachers

At Shree Hari Yoga School, you will experience a holistic training in all aspects of yoga, from yoga asana to philosophy. We aim to guide you as you deepen your yoga practice, develop your confidence and feel the transforming effects the yogic lifestyle can bring.

Shree Hari Ji

Hari was raised by a Nepalese Father & Indian Mother in a cross-cultural context near Rishikesh. His birthplace is between the Indian States Uttrakhand and Banbasa near the border of India and Nepal. From a young age, he was drawn to a spiritual life from his mother Tara Devi, a Bhakti Yoga Guru and devotee of Lord Shiva. From an early age, Hari rejoiced in and sung Mantra. He fasts every Monday in honour of Mahadeva (Shiva) and performed other forms of Yoga with eagerness. Ready to set out from home at an early age of 11 years. At the age of 16, after high school graduation, he surrendered himself to his Guru Ji “Tiger Baba” in Pashupatinath, Kathmandu, Nepal. There he was initiated by “Tiger Baba” into the Nath family and pursued to live in a cave for 3 years. During this time Hari focused on spiritual learning and served many Gurus who came into his life and influenced and moulded his thinking and lifestyle (Anadi Baba, Anupnath Yogi, Silent Baba, and world-renowned Dudhari Baba). The time came to get footloose and leave his humble abode and travel throughout India, Nepal, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, as a wandering ascetic. Realizing the need for the ancient scientific and spiritual system of Yoga in this modern day he founded the international yoga fellowship in 2012 and established “Hapi Hari Yoga Shala” in 2013 – Dharamshala set amidst the Himalayas, and Gokarna a peaceful beach town. Presently “Shree Hari Yoga” teaches a traditional Hatha Yoga combined with classical knowledge, experiential understanding and wisdom, as well as a modern outlook. This style of Yoga teaching by “Shree Hari Yoga” is essentially a Nath Lineage tradition which has been passed down through initiations by masters such as Goraknath and Patanjali Maharishi since the 9th Century. Hari is also a Chef of Ayurvedic and Sattvic Food.